The main business focus of Enomis Designs is to provide detailed and comprehensive architectural services to investors in Hoedspruit and the surrounding area.

Simone Braun is a SACAP registered Professional Architectural Technologist. She has been registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) since 18 May 2006. Her Registered Title is PrArchT (Professional Architectural Technologist) and her registration number os T0370. She provides detailed industrial, commercial and domestic architectural designs, all the while ensuring that all of her designs conform and comply with national building regulations (NBR) and the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC), as well as with various governing body standards, aesthetics, rules and regulations.

She designs house plans for all types of structures, including the generation of detailed plans for extensions and modifications. Constructability studies are conducted to ensure that the construction will cause minimal disruption to the natural environment. This includes site visits prior to designing in order to identify and determine tree locations, and planning the design and positioning of the structure around the existing bush.

Simone will conduct regular design reviews, all the while advising the client on any design deviations and indentifying possible problem areas during design. She will liaise with the various estate governing bodies to seek solutions and resolve. She will also prepare and submit detailed construction plans for local municipal council and governing body approvals.